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Spirit in the Night
Arabian Night
Streets of Fire
In this gallery you'll find some of the images I shot for Playgirl over a period of several years. Kelcey Fry, my longtime makeup artist and hair stylist, worked with me on most of the couples pictorials and contributed to the styling of many of the layouts as well. The ideas for the shoots came from my own imagination while the editorial staff at Playgirl added the titles and scripts after they had the pictures in hand.  Unfortunately, some of the tear sheets have been lost or I didn't manage to get them when they were on the newsstands, but what follows is a fairly good representation of the work I did for the magazine.
Dirk Shafer
Michael Shane Cover
The Guys
Roberto Augustino
Michael Shane
Michael Shane
Man of the Year
Dirk Shafer Man of the Year
Roberto Augustino Discovery
Michael Shane
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